What is a Hydraulic Crimping Tool and What Are Its Benefits

A hydraulic crimping tool is something that a lot of electricians use when they need to tie two electric lines to each other. The crimping tool might or might not have a hydraulic assist but if it does this simplifies the entire process and makes it a lot faster. It also spares a lot of effort on behalf of the electrician as he wouldn’t have to maintain the pressure required alone. This is why the hydraulic crimping tool is growing in popularity. While it could be a bit more expensive than regular ones which do not come with hydraulic assist, it’s definitely worth the investment as it’s going to save you a lot of time.

There are two basic types of a hydraulic crimping tool – manual ones and those that come powered by a battery. Now, it’s important to know that the hand-operated hydraulic crimping tool is far from being the same as a regular manual unit. The latter does not take advantage of the hydraulic assist, and you have to do all the pressing yourself while the former does and the pressure required is significantly less. On the other hand, the battery powered hydraulic crimping tool doesn’t require any manual effort what so ever. This is especially beneficial – the process is automated and effortless. This provides additional benefits.

Plenty of Speed

An hydraulic crimping tool for sale by Amazon

An hydraulic crimping tool for sale by Amazon

As in every other field of expertise, this one also benefits from a tool which is capable of doing the task faster and more efficient. The battery powered hydraulic crimping tool is set to provide just that. It’s able of delivering a complete crimp in less than 20 seconds. Even though some electricians are going to argue that they could manually beat this time, and they are likely to be right about it – not one of them is going to have the physical strength to keep this temp up for let’s say 200 crimps in a row and eventually they’ll fall behind.

Effortless Performance

Battery powered hydraulic crimping tools are going to conduct the entire crimp without you having to dense a muscle. This is the most important advantage of them all. If you manage to reduce energy waste in your working process, you’d be more than able of handling your tasks faster, more efficient and to deliver greater quality. Ultimately, that’s the goal of every electric contractor as it’s going to reflect directly on his earnings

In any case, a hydraulic crimping tool can come in two forms. As explained above, the manually operated one is yet a lot easier to work with than the manual crimper which does not offer any kind of hydraulic assist. However, the one powered by batteries is the real catch. Even though it’s going to cost you a significant amount of money, usually at least several times more than the manual hydraulic version, it’s well worth the investment. The time that you’re going to save as well as the effort alone is enough to make it worth it.