Electrician Jokes: Something to Make You Laugh

electrician-jokesWhether you are a student attending electrician training, an electrician doing work in a client’s house, or a friend wanting to break the ice, electrician jokes can be an excellent way to inject humor into any conversation. Do you want to cheer up a crowd? Memorize the electrician jokes below and for sure, you will end up making someone laugh.

Here are some of the question and answer type of electrician jokes that will surely enliven any dull moment.

Q: What is the favorite car of electricians?

A: Volts-wagon!

Q: Who was the first electrician to become a detective?

A: Sherlock Ohms!

Q: What do electricians call their apprentice?

A: Shock absorber!

Q: What do you call a carpenter who is working in an electrical panel?

A: Dead!

Q: What do you call it when power fails right now?electrician-jokes-funny-humor

A: Current event!

Q: Why are electricians always updated with the latest happenings?

A: Because they are current specialists!

Q: What is an electrician’s favorite sweet?

A: Shock-olate

Q: What is an electrician’s most hated workwear?

A: Shorts Circuit!

Q: What does an electrician say to another electrician when they met at the mall?

A: Watts up!

Q: What is an electrician’s favorite Tom Jones song?

A: Wire, wire, wire Delilah!

Q: Who is an electrician’s favorite superhero?

A: Resis-Thor!

Q: What is an electrician’s favorite mobile messaging app?

A: WattsApp!

You do not have to ask a question to be able to pull electrician jokes. You just need to make a random statement out of nowhere, and for sure, you will be able to make someone giggle in laughter.

Electricians do it until it Hertz!

I do not like hearing electricity jokes. Watts so funny with them?

I have always wanted to have a power plant. Yesterday, I planted a light bulb!

Old electricians never die. They just lose contact.

I knew I was in love with a battery! There’s a spark!

A criminal has been arrested for theft of batteries. Police says he will be charged tomorrow morning.

Your electrician jokes are lame and old. Don’t you have a more current one?

I have a long list of electricians who happen to be good jokers. Sadly, your name has been OHMmitted.

Here is something that is a bit longer. It requires a bit of effort to pull it off, but with the right timing and confidence, it is one of those electrician jokes that will make people laugh.

A mason, a gardener, and an electrician were fighting. They were arguing about one question – what is the world’s oldest profession?

Mason: Our profession is the oldest. We were instrumental in building the Tower of Babel.

Gardener: My profession is older. We were the ones who planted in the Garden of Eden.

Electrician: Stop arguing, you fools! We are the oldest profession in the world. God once said, “Let there be light!” From then on, electricians started working!

Admit it, you have laughed in at least one of our electrician jokes. Do you have any interesting electrician jokes to share? WATT are them?


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What are the Best Electrician Courses to Take?


Electrical workers are required to complete an associate’s degree or certificate program to have electrician training. Keep in mind that apprenticeships are the most common way of learning for electricians. That’s why students should look for electrician courses that include apprenticeship training.

Aspiring electricians who are looking for formal education often enroll in electrician courses that award an associate’s degree or a certificate. These courses include general topics that include science, basic electricity, science, wiring, safety measures, and the National Electric Code. It is important for students to find electrician courses that offer coursework in their selected specialty such as construction electrician, research electrician, marine electrician, or car electrician, just to name a few.

A qualified electrician is paid a lot more that a person who just know how an electrical system works. Plus, business and home owners trust an electrician with a certificate more compared to a person without one. If you want job security, then take the time to complete one of the electrician courses. Below are some of the courses that you can choose from.

Car Electrician

Cars today have an complicated electrical system. When you complete a car electrician program, you will be able to install and repair electronic and electrical systems in vehicles. And as vehicles become more advanced, the number of electronic parts found in them is increasing. A car electrician has to have good practical and problem-solving skills. One must be able to read the wiring plans of the vehicle. There are several car electrician courses offered in most colleges across the nation. You can check with the local college to learn what courses they are offering.

electrician courses

Electrician Installation Courses

Electrical installation is a high-level trade, and one can earn a lot of money in it. You need to be a qualified electrician in order to do electrical installations. One way to become a qualified electrician is through electrician courses that are industry-related. And electrician installation courses provide you the foundation to become a fully qualified electrician. These courses often include all aspects of electrical installation that include electrical awareness, installation techniques, and health and safety during installations.

PAT Testing Courses

If you have decided to study for PAT testing but don’t have any background in electrical systems, then you can take any of the PAT testing courses. This will allow you to gain more understanding about how electrical system works and its installation. When you take this type of electrician course, you have a greater chance of passing the PAT testing exams. You will also learn how to do PAT testing. Once qualified to be a PAT tester, you will be able to provide a lucrative service to your clients.

These are just some of the examples of electrician courses that you can take. Learn more about the different types of programs by browsing our website. If you have any questions regarding any of the topics, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you with your concerns regarding electrician courses.

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